Sonny Brenda 1996 Part 145

Sonny & Brenda (1996) Part 145

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Name:Sonny & Brenda (1996) Part 145
Date:04 January 2013
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9/17 - 9/20/96

Jax and Ned have it out about his hostile take over attempt of ELQ and Brenda learns some hard facts about the man she married. Tracy comes by to discuss business and Jax tells her they need to meet somewhere else and they leave. Brenda comes back into the living room but Jax is gone and she gets a phone call from Lois's mother that Lois is in the hospital. She had premature labor pains.

Brenda rushes to the hospital to be by Lois's side. Lois tells her about her confrontation with Tracy and how she brings out the worst in her. She fears she is turning to a Quartermaine because she knew about Jax and Tracy's scheme to take over ELQ and kept it from Brenda. Brenda tries to reassure her because Lois is worried about the baby.

Sonny and Justus meet outside of Kelly's Diner and Justus informs Sonny about the hostile take over attempt and Jax is behind it. Justus assures him that Edward is working on bringing back Ned as CEO to stop Jax and Tracy but Edward wants Sonny to sell him his shares for the good of the company. Sonny tells Justus to get Edward on the phone and Sonny tells Edward he is not selling. Sonny then learns that Lois is in the hospital and he rushes off.

Lois's mother tells Lois that she contacted Ned who finally gets there and the doctor comes in and they await news about the baby. The doctor assures them that everything is fine, Lois had what you call braxton hicks labor pains. Brenda and Mrs. Corello are relieved. Sonny comes by too and learns everything is fine. Mrs. Cerello tells Sonny how sorry she was about Lily and tells him the is a good boy. They all leave the room as Lois is ok to go home.

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